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Managing HR in NHS General Practice

Building on years of work with GPs and their practice managers, KHR specialises in supporting general practice in its changing world. New commissioning and contracting models and regulatory frameworks means that general practices must continually change in order to survive and flourish. Our general practice business and organisational improvement adviser has a unique insight into delivering cost effective, caring and profitable service delivery.

The future of general practice in the UK will mean that collaboration or merger is a must to deliver care to communities and supporting such initiatives requires in-depth knowledge and experience of general practice merger, acquisition and contracting process. Whilst that's about business, it's also about managing the workforce implications of federated working or merger and John Krafts specialises in supporting these processes.

Working in close collaboration with Local Medical Committee's and GP Federations, we understand and succeed in managing change in general practice in the following areas:-

  • Managing the merger and acquisition of general practices.
  • Supporting and managing the development of collaborative working between general practices to form federations that enable the sharing of scarce and valuable workforce resources.
  • Recruiting new partners, salaried GPs and Practice Managers for practices with a fixed fee structure and different service level options available.
  • Advising on terms and conditions and employment contract for salaried GPs in GMS, PMS and APMS practices.
  • Devising and introducing contracts of employment, employee handbooks, policies and procedures and management guides for federations and individual practices.
  • Manging workforce change, contract variation, redundancy and redeployment.
  • Delivering training and development and manging performance improvement of employees in the general practice environment.