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Change Management

Management of workforce change; legal compliance without compromise to the delivery of your business.

Making changes to your workforce is not usually a matter of choice; rather one of necessity in order to maintain your competitive advantage. In the past 12 months, we have enabled our clients to manage business acquisitions and mergers (TUPE transfers), re-design their workforces (redundancy and reorganisation), and devise and introduce new terms and conditions (contract variation) that both retain talent and contain workforce costs.

We have significant experience in working with public, private and third sector organisations. We work hard to make sure that your insurance is not invalidated if any programme of change is challenged in the employment tribunal.

  • TUPE - ensure your business acquisition, disposal or merger is managed in a way that enables business continuity and doesn't leave you with the prospect of an appearance at the employment tribunal.
  • Reorganising your workforce - making sure that your workforce is configured to optimize performance and deliver your objectives.
  • Managing transformation - working within the law on redundancy and redeployment to make sure your people give you the competitive edge that you need.
  • Development of terms and conditions, employment contracts, policies, procedures, management guidance and employee handbooks.
  • Collective and individual contract variation because the world in which we do business changes all the time. Your contracts of employment may not facilitate change and can cause real problems in maintaining your competitive advantage. When your terms and conditions have to change, we'll guide you through the process and make sure you don't fall foul of anti-discrimination and contract law.
  • Aligning your workforce to your business' objectives through development of competency frameworks, leadership programmes and reward structures that will have your employees pushing in the right direction.