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Employee Relations

Managing your relationship with your employees through good and not so good time.

We work with employers to resolve a wide range of employment relationship problems. Whether you're managing the early stages of dispute with your employee or on the way to employment tribunal, we have the expertise to limit the negative impact upon your business.

We have years of experience of working with trade unions, ACAS, insurers, claimant's solicitors and the employment tribunal system to guide you through the process of dispute resolution. Here's what we do.

  • Manage complex disciplinary processes. At one end of the service spectrum we provide remote advice and all the documentation you'll need to comply with the statutory code of practice on the management of workplace discipline and grievance processes. We can also step in with a hands-on service, dealing with workplace investigations or chairing hearings where independence, expertise and impartiality is of particular importance.
  • Manage grievance and harassment and bullying complaints. Whether your need for support is process guidance or hands on support in the form of investigations, our dispute resolution experts will ensure that your exposure to risk through employment litigation is managed and minimized.
  • Managing sickness absence is an activity that all employers need to do well. Whether you need to reduce organisational absenteeism or have a problem with a specific employee, we have the expertise to help. Our approach will ensure that you understand your obligations under the Equality Act 2010 regarding people with disabilities and also enable you to manage minor intermittent sickness absence effectively.
  • Managing under-performance can be time consuming but clear and decisive decision making is important if your business is to avoid detriment as a result of employee under-performance and conflict. Double-checking your approach is commonly all you'll need to do to make sure you have the confidence to manage underperformance through to conclusion.
  • Design and implement employee relations infrastructure to ensure you're in a position to comply with the law on employee consultation which of course applies whether or not you recognise trade unions.
  • Whistle-blowing or Public Interest Disclosure law is designed to protect your business and any employee that makes a qualifying disclosure. Getting the process wrong can expose your business to the risk of unfair dismissal claims and claims under the Public Interest Disclosure Act. Our background of work within the NHS has given us considerable experience of managing disclosures in a way that minimizes both risk of litigation and also damage to your company and its reputation.
  • Mediation services can unlock seemingly intractable disputes in a cost and time effective way. Our experience of stepping in to mediate between parties and bringing about resolutions has enabled both small and large organisations to avoid escalation to law and to focus on delivering their business objectives.
  • Managing severance once the employment relationship has broken down can be difficult and expensive. Making sure that any severance package is based on a reasonable schedule of losses and is watertight can cause considerable anxiety. We'll work with you to make sure you understand how ACAS might help to create a legally binding COT3 settlement or alternatively, will work with you to create a settlement agreement that protects your interests.